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Whether you only swim in the summer, or you hit the pool, lake or ocean all year long, knowing how to handle yourself in the water – and help those in need – will make it a safer, more enjoyable experience for everyone. That's why, we offer year-round swim classes at Lion's Club Pool and the Racquet & Fitness Club's Pool. Designed for those ages six months to adult, Red Cross swimming classes can equip you with the skills needed to swim with confidence.

Testing is conducted during the first class to ensure all participants are in the appropriate section. Students advance during the session if skills are passed. Note: Some students need more than one session to complete level requirements. Lessons missed due to personal conflicts or inclement weather are not made up.

Level 1 - Introduction to Water Skills
Learn water entry and exit and build your comfort in the water. You will learn very basic skills, including how to submerge your head. You will feel comfortable in the water and enjoy the water safely!

Level 2 - Fundamental Aquatic Skills
Gain success with fundamental skills! You will retrieve objects underwater, demonstrate front/back glide and flutter kick without assistance, plus learn basic rhythmic breathing and turning over.Level 3 - Stroke Development
Build on the skills you learned in Level 2 with additional guided practice. You will learn to open your eyes under water, bob, dive, front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke kick and how to change direction.

Level 4 - Stroke Improvement
Develop confidence in your strokes and improve other skills. Learn deep water bobbing, rotary breathing, diving from poolside, elementary backstroke, breaststroke and sidestroke kick, front crawl and back crawl endurance (25 yards) and how to turn at the walls.

Level 5 - Stroke Refinement
Further coordinate and refine your strokes. Learn stride jump entry, underwater swimming, endurance swimming on front crawl, back crawl, side stroke, breaststroke (50 yards), butterfly kick and open turns.

Level 6 - Swimming & Skill Proficiency
Refine your strokes so you swim with ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over greater distances.

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