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HFPD Welcome Bags for New FT Staff

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Mike Loszach
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The attached photo is a picture of my wife's desk when she walked in on her first day of her new job.

It got me thinking it would be nice if we implemented something similar here that was consistent across departments to welcome new full-time employees on their first day and communicate to them that we are excited they are here!

What if we put together welcome bags with supplies we bought in bulk that we would have ready for their department heads to pick up before their start date and give to them on their first day?

It doesn't have to be made up of terribly expensive things, maybe something like:

-HFPD Polo or Quarter Zip
-HFPD Pens
-HFPD Water Bottle or Coffee Mug
Other Ideas?

I think this would be a nice, small gesture we could make to help the new employee feel comfortable and welcome on their first day. It may seem small, but could go a long way as we continue to see trends where employees are seeking out companies where they feel welcome & appreciated

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