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2022 Co-Rec Volleyball




Co-Rec Volleyball Fall 2022 Schedule (updated 9/26)

Co-Rec Volleyball League Playoffs

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Co-Rec Volleyball League Rules

1. These are the recreational rules for this league. All other rules will be the USA Volleyball Rules.

a. Two competing managers may not agree to alter the rules for any game.

b. Participants must be 18 years or older. Players may only play on one team in each division.

2. League format will be determined by registration. Two divisions of this league will be used: A & B

a.  The plan each year is to have two divisions of teams to make an A & B division of this league.

b.  Prize money will be awarded to the top teams in the league and tournament. The dollar amount will be based on team registration.

c.  Tie breakers for place in the league standings shall be broken by 1) matches won in head to head 2) points for vs. points against differential (PF-125, PA-100 = 25) 3) total points scored 4) total points against.

3.  Site Supervisors assigned by the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District are responsible for the total operation of the program and the physical site.

4. Children are allowed at the volleyball league facilities during league nights as long as they are sitting in the bleachers and under control. We encourage fans.

5. Teams must have a minimum of four players dressed and ready to play at the schedule starting time. The official timepiece shall be the site supervisor's watch.

a. If a team has fewer than four players on the court at the start of the match, the said team will forfeit the first game at the starting time, the second game 10 minutes later, and the third game 10 minutes after that. For example, the first match will begin at 7:00 p.m. sharp and also be forfeit time for the first game; forfeit time for the second game will be 7:10 p.m.; forfeit time for the third game will be 7:20 p.m. A forfeited game constitutes losing 20-0.

6. Players must wear shirts, but they need not be uniform in color or numbered. Shoes must be worn.

7. A coin toss with both managers will determine serve and side of play for the first game. First serve and side will then alternate for the second and third game. Or rocks, paper, scissors.

8. Before the match starts, each player in attendance must sign in next to their FULL name on the roster sign in sheet. At the completion of the match, managers must verify the accuracy of the scores and sign the score sheet. Score sheets and roster sign in sheets are then turned in to the volleyball supervisor.

9. A match will consist of three complete games, not two out of three games. Rally Scoring will be used.

a. All games will be to 25 points. The winning team must win by 2 points. 27 points is the Cap.

b. There will be a one (1) hour time limit on each match. The matches will finish wherever they finish at the end of the time.  This is the rule for league play. Rally scoring will be used. Rally scoring means being awarded a point on the side out even if your team isn’t serving.

c. Both teams keep score simultaneously. Each time the server prepares to serve, he or she shall announce the score audibly so that the opposing team can hear.

d. Teams will be allowed one (1) minute time out per game.

10. Teams may only substitute by the rotation method described as follows:

a. Teams may rotate in 2 positions.

b. If a team decides to rotate players into the game they may rotate into or out of only two positions at one time. No substitutions will be allowed if you decide to rotate, except for an injured player. The three-entry rule does not apply for teams rotating in.

11. A game ball will be furnished by the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District, but teams may use any mutually agreed upon ball.

12. Games must be started with a minimum of 4 or maximum of 8 players-(B Division only- A Division plays with 6) on the court with equal representation (four (4) men and women). However, if there is a shortage of men present, women players can outnumber men players. Any combination of players can be used as long as two (2) men are in the game at all times. Men players may never outnumber women players.

a. Players arriving late may enter at any dead ball situation.

13. If a match is completed more than five minutes before the next is scheduled to start, the next match may start ahead of schedule but only if both managers agree. If a match is a forfeit, teams may use the gym for 40 minutes. Only participants on the roster may use the gym for practice in case of a forfeit.

14. There are no gender stipulations for getting the ball over the net.

15. Serving – A player is allowed to serve any way he/she wishes to serve. Overhand and underhand serves are both permitted. When it is a team’s turn to serve, every player rotates one position clockwise and the right back player serves.

a. Teams may not block or spike a serve. Front line players cannot leave the ground on a serve and hit the ball over the net with a downward spiking and/or blocking motion. However, they may leave their feet if their hit is a bump or set on the serve. If the front line players hits the ball over the net as the first hit after a serve, the hit must have an arc to it.

b. Let Serve – serves that hit the net are live.

16. It is a foul to touch the net and/or touch an opponent. It is not a foul to step on the centerline if one is so marked. A player's foot must be completely over the centerline or interfere with an opponent to be called a foul. If any part of the player’s foot remains touching the centerline, it is NOT a foul.

17. Spiking is illegal for men, but legal for women. Spiking is defined as a play in which the ball is hit forcibly downward into the opponents' court from ABOVE the net. No male may jump and spike the ball anywhere on the court either. Dinking the ball is not considered a spike. Dinking is defined as a non-forceful downward motion of the ball. The fingers of the hitting hand spread like a cup and using the fingertips to hit the ball.

a. Blocking of an opponent's shot is legal. A ball hit off a block is never considered a spike or a hit, as long as there is no striking motion by the blocker...Faking a block is also permitted. A ball cannot be blocked while on the opponent’s side of the net unless they have started their attack.  (An attack is defined as a team’s attempt to play the ball across the net.)

b. A ball that comes to rest between the blocker and spiker shall be considered a dead ball and replayed.

18. Players are not required to bump or fingertip every ball, but any underhand hit made with both hands apart is considered a double hit or a carry, both of which are illegal hits. All underhand hits, unless made with one hand or both hands joined together (bump position), will be considered an illegal hit and will be a point or side out. The ball cannot be caught or thrown.

a.  Any overhand hit may not be thrown, pushed or carried.  This will be considered an illegal hit and will be a point or side out.

19. Any player(s) involved in a controversial play must make their complaint through the team manager, who in turn makes an appeal to the other team manager. A mutually agreed upon rule interpretation is then made by the team captains. If the team captain cannot reach a decision, play over is the rule.

a. Managers are the only persons on the courts who will be allowed to call the controversial plays during a match.

20. On all courts, the ball is live if hitting the ceiling, basketball goal, fixtures, ceiling, fans, pipes, ropes, or lights and remaining on the same side of that teams court, however, the ball is DEAD if in the process of crossing the net or the ball crosses the net after hitting the ceiling or crosses the net and then hit’s the ceiling on the other side of the net.  In gyms, which have crowded end lines, the server is allowed to take one step into the court.

21. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

a.  Teams or players that become unruly may risk suspension by the Park District. The Park District reserves the right to suspend or eject anyone who the staff feels is not behaving in a sportsmanlike manner.

b.  Team managers are advised to warn an opposing team before calling an unsportsmanlike penalty.

c.  Please remember, the program is designed to have FUN and exercise. You are here to play, not argue.

Additionally, please adhere to the following Park Policies:
No smoking, drinking or eating is allowed at the H-F Sports Complex, H-F High School or Parker Junior High. Anyone caught in violation of these rules will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season. This rule also prohibits bringing any food or beverages into the school facilities.

No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on park property. Any use of alcohol or illegal drugs will be prosecuted by appropriate laws and suspension from participation in any Homewood-Flossmoor Park District sponsored leagues, tournaments or programs.

Please remember to treat school district employees with the greatest respect; otherwise the Park District's privilege to use school district facilities may be revoked.

Please remember to be courteous to other teams and players by:

1.         Starting your match on time.

2.         Quickly exiting the court after your match is over.

3.         Do not interfere with matches in progress by walking on their court.

Good luck & enjoy the season!