Dance Programs

Irwin Community Center - 708.957.7275

Studio of Dance Philosophy

The philosophy of our dance program is to teach the fundamentals of dance in a safe manner and to instill in our students an appreciation of the arts in an enjoyable atmosphere. Our main goal is to teach the love of dance as a performing art.

Our teaching staff is all highly trained professionals and their goal is to give each student the best possible dance experience, to help them gain poise and confidence, as well as encouraging participation in a healthy physical activity.

The annual recitals are designed to teach our students what it would be like to be a real performer. They learn teamwork and stage directions, experience dressing in costume, as well as seeing the workings of a theatre.

Our teachers all come from different backgrounds and training in the dance world, but they all share a common desire to teach dance and to teach it well. They are happy to discuss with you any problems or concerns and answer any questions. You may contact them by calling us at 708-957-0300.