2020 Women's Volleyball

15th Quarter
199 Problems But a Pitch Ain’t 1
1Ace Angels
1Average Dingers
1Babe Ruthless
1Backrow Bullies
1Big Bang
1Bills Blue
1Bone Dry
1Brew Crew
1Cardinals Red
1Chicago Metro
1Diamond Dogs
1Dive Bombers
1Eagles Green
1Erica’s Team
1Falcons Black
1Get It Bumpin’
1Grass and Hitties
1Hawk’s MK’s
1Heavy Hitters
1Hit Happens
1Hot Mess Express
1Inglorious Batters
1Jaguars Black
1Jets Green
1Just for Kicks
1Kickin’ Grass and Takin’ Names
1Lassen’s Morris Ave.
1Lasson’s Isotopes
1MK’s / Hawk CDJ
1Master Batters
1Morris Ave
1Over Served
1Pineapple Xpress
1Pitches Be Crazy
1Pound Town
1Purple Helmets
1Rams Blue
1Ravens Purple
1Ridgewood Tap
1Rippin Hitters
1Side Out
1Skinner Law Firm
1Sluggers and Chuggers
1Son of Pitches
1Spiked Out
1Still Kicking
1Team 2
1The Crushers
1The Grass Kickers
1The Rivera
1The Shockers
1The Tender Trap
1The Volley Llamas
1Tin Ceiling
1Tin Ceiling Rage
1Too Much Heat
1Too Much Meat
1Too Much Tuna
1Trouble Makers
1Zero Fox Given

2020 – Women's Volleyball League Rules

The Recreation Supervisor will oversee the league and has final power in decision making in all matters pertaining to the league.  The League Supervisor will oversee the league onsite and will assist in the day of running of the league. A captains meeting will be held 45 minutes before the start of the first game of the season. The Recreation Supervisor or League Supervisor will call all additional meetings of team captains. Any special meetings desired by teams should be requested through their team captain who will contact the League Supervisor.

The Park District shall determine placement of teams in leagues and the number of teams in leagues.

Team Captains’ Responsibilities

Each team shall designate a captain who will be the sole liaison between that team and the Park District.  Since there are approximately 1,000 participants in the Adult Leagues, only the designated captain should communicate concerns with the Park District.  To avoid confusion players should speak with their team captain on all inquiries and not contact the Park District directly.  The team captain may be either a player or a non-player.

Each team captain will receive digital copies of the documents below

  • League Rules
  • League Schedule
  • Roster/Waiver

Team captains are expected to distribute documents above, inform their players of all rules & regulations prior to the first game, and as often thereafter as necessary to ensure no violations occur. Also, captains are expected to inform players of the game schedule, make up dates, etc. and pass along any other information from the Park District.

At the end of each match the captain should fill out the score sheet and sign off that it is accurate.


  1. No player should participate in league warm up or play until they have signed the Roster/Waiver, even if it is prior to the rosters being due.
  2. Team Roster/Waiters are due by the 2nd week of the season. A one week extension will be granted to any team with a bye the first or second week of the season. Additions to the roster after the second week will need prior approval from the Recreation Supervisor and in most cases will be in exchange for a current player.
  3. Rosters will have no more than twenty (20) players per team.
  4. A player may only be listed on one roster per league.
  5. To be eligible for playoff competition, a player must participate in one (1) regular season game.

Pre-Game Information

  1. Before the match starts, players are required to sign in next to their name on the sign in sheet. Until rosters are turned in players should print their name on the sign in sheets.
  2. If any players’ eligibility is in question, the opposing team captain can request to view the team roster from the league supervisor. The player who is in question must provide identification (such as Driver’s License or State I.D) for verification.
  3. Teams will not play with less than four (4) nor more than eight (8) players on the court.
  4. Each team will play two (2) matches (6 games) a week (unless you have a bye). Matches will start at 7:15 p.m. and 8:15 p.m.
  5. There will be one (1) hour time limit on each match. The next game will begin immediately following and last until the completion of the one (1) hour time limit with rally scoring taking place.  The matches will finish, regardless of the score at the end of the time limit.
  6. Service shall be determined by the toss of a coin or Rock Paper Scissors by team captains. The team winning the toss shall have choice of serve or court for the first game.  Teams will then alternate the serve (and court) for the second and third game.
  7. Uniforms are not required but all players must wear a shirt and shoes.
  8. A game ball will be furnished by the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District, but teams may use any mutually agreed upon ball.


It is suggested that you notify your captain if you are unable to play so that a substitute can be found.

  1. Every effort to notify the Recreation Supervisor of a forfeit prior to noon on game day should be made. Teams that forfeit more than three (3) games unannounced during a season may be removed from the league without reimbursement.
  2. If a team has fewer than four (4) players at the start of the match, the said team will forfeit the first game at the starting time, 7:15, p.m., the second game 15 minutes later, 7:30 p.m., and the third game 15 minutes after that, 7:45 p.m.
  3. The team captain or co-captain must report the forfeit to the coordinator and write it down on the score sheet.