Swim Lessons

Swimming isn’t just fun, it’s a skill that can save your life! Testing is conducted during the first class to ensure all students are in the correct level. Students advance during the session if skills are passed. Please note that some students may need more than one session to complete level requirements. Lessons missed due to personal absences are not made up. There will be a parent/ guardian meeting with the lesson coordinator on the first day of class.
For Swim Lessons: Parent FAQs, click here.

Learn proper instruction methods for showing your infant or toddler basic water adaptation techniques in a fun environment. The purpose of this course is to develop a high comfort level in the water while at the same time learning water safety for the little swimmer and parent/guardian. This course is not intended to teach children to become accomplished swimmers. The class does provide a confidence-building, fun and loving experience. Adult must accompany child in the water.

This class is held in shallow water and is designed just for your preschooler with songs and games to make them comfortable in the water. This is the perfect class for those not quite ready for the big pool. Skills worked on include blowing bubbles, floating and simultaneous arm and leg motion. Children will also begin learning water safety.

For swimmers that need to build confidence in the water. Introduces water entry and exit to beginners, learn how to float, introduction to arm and leg movements, retrieve objects underwater and water safety.

For swimmers that can float, retrieve objects underwater, and are comfortable with simultaneous arm and leg motion. This level will focus on learning front /back glide, flutter kicks, and pulls which will lead to freestyle and elementary backstroke.

For swimmers that can glide on their front and back, swim freestyle and elementary backstroke half the length of the pool. This level will focus on further developing freestyle, learning sidestroke, and backstroke.

For swimmers that can swim the length of the pool in freestyle, backstroke, and survival strokes (elementary backstroke and side stroke). This level will focus on building endurance to swim strokes a full lap (down & back), learn breaststroke, and introduce turns.

For swimmers that can swim a lap (down & back) in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. This level will focus on endurance, introducing butterfly, improving stroke techniques and turns.

If you would like to discuss which level would be best for the swimmer, please call the Program Coordinator or Recreation Supervisor. If swimmer is not in the correct level class per their ability, the staff member will work with swimmer on potential solutions if another level class has availability or offer program credit for future enrollment. If needing to change class due to swim level, neither the date/ time nor the spot in the appropriate class can be guaranteed.
For lessons at the H-F Racquet & Fitness Club, please call 708-799-1323 and ask to speak to the Program Coordinator.
For Lessons at Lions Club Pool, please call 708-957-0300 and ask to speak to the Recreation Supervisor.